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Crow Home : Feathers, Classic & Salmon : Crow :
The black quill fibres are often used as the thorax cover on G.R.H.E nymphs.

Crow Wings
Price: 2.95

New products !

Extra Select Craft Fur - Medium Olive

Extra Select Craft Fur - Dark Olive

Seals Fur - Flo Yellow

Danvilles Flat Waxed Nylon 210 Denier - Flo. Blue No. 507

Back In Stock

Bobbin Holders - Rite Standard Ceramic Bobbin Holder

Turkey Biot Quills - Blue Winged Olive

Starling - Starling Whole Skin

B160 - Kamasan B160 Size 14 Pack Of 25

Davy Wotton SLF - 10 Golden Olive

Ice Dub - Ice Dubbing 6 Compartment Dispenser

Veniard Copper Tubes - Veniard Slipstream Copper Tubes 1/2"

Esmond Drury - Esmond Drury Treble Size 10

Miscellaneous Tools - Griffin Hook/Hackle Gauge

Danvilles Flymaster 6/0 - Red No. 56

Ringneck Pheasant - Cock Pheasant Church Windows

Varivas 2200 - 2200 Size 10

Foam Cylinders - 1/16" Dia. Foam Cylinders Tan

Flashpoint Surehold Lightning Dry Barbless SLD2 - Flashpoint Surehold Lightning Dry Barbless SLD2 Size 16

A Jackson Heavy Wire Spey Fly Hook Black - Heavy Single Black Size 3

Mcflylon Polypro - Black

Superfine Dubbing - Tan

TMC 113 BLH - TMC 113 BLH Size 10

Ice Dub - Peacock Black

Davy Wotton SLF - 22 Kingfisher Blue

Esmond Drury - Esmond Drury Treble Size 14

B401 - Kamasan B401 Size 14 Pack Of 25

Hareline Pseudo Marabou - Flo Green Chartreuse

Veniard Easy Micro Dub - Grey

B100 - Kamasan B100 Size 12 pack Of 25


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