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C&F design seeks the world standard for concept and form in fly fishing 'form follows function' was the Bauhaus ideology in the 1920's. Now in the 21st century, C&F are dedicated believers in this philosophy. Materials and techniques keep on advancing and the functions of equipment keep changing with people's needs. These C&F Tools are beautifully made and a joy to use.

Ultimate Reference Vice more info...
Ultimate Reference Vice
Price: 550.00
A beautifully made vice with superb design features. Special order 2-3 days delivery time.

C&F Rotary Hackle Pliers more info...
C&F Rotary Hackle Pliers
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Price: 34.99
Free angle angle plier with silky smooth movements for faster winding without twisting hackles.

C&F 3-in-1 Dubbing Brush more info...
C&F 3-in-1 Dubbing Brush
Price: 21.99
3-in1 tool incorporating a sharp angled needle, dubbing brush and half hitch tool.

C&F Small 2-in-1 Whip Finisher more info...
C&F Small 2-in-1 Whip Finisher
Price: 23.99
A mini sized rotary whip finisher for flies 18 and smaller. 41/2" long.

C&F Standard Sized Bobbin Holder more info...
C&F Standard Sized Bobbin Holder
Price: 31.99
Teflon coated arms and an ultra smooth ceramic tube.

C&F Midge Size Bobbin Holder more info...
C&F Midge Size Bobbin Holder
Price: 31.99
Made with a fine ceramic tube for 8/0 thread and smaller.

Ring Hackle Pliers more info...
Ring Hackle Pliers
Price: 29.99
A nicely balanced ring plier. very gentle on hackles.

Fish Eye more info...
Fish Eye
Price: 35.00
What does the fish see? Excellent for checking balance,buoyoncy and silhouette.

C&F Standard 2-in-1 Whip finisher more info...
C&F Standard 2-in-1 Whip finisher
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Price: 25.99
Polished stainless steel arms, knurled non-slip grip and smooth rotary mechanism. Magnet on end is useful for picking up hooks.

C&F Rotary Twister Plus more info...
C&F Rotary Twister Plus
Price: 34.99
Highest quality dubbing twister with large sized ball bearing.

C&F 3-in-1 Half Hitcher more info...
C&F 3-in-1 Half Hitcher
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Price: 19.99
3 sizes of half hitcher combined in one body.

New products !

Lathkill Indian Cock Capes - Honey Badger Dyed Greenwell

Back In Stock

Micro Glint - Golden Olive

Ringneck Pheasant - Hen Pheasant Tail Feathers 1pair

Jungle Cock Capes - Jungle Cock Cape No. 15

Marc Petitjean CDC - Olive

TMC 2457 - TMC 2457 Size 10

Patriot Up Eye Double Black - Patriot Up Eye Double Black Size 6

Thin Fly Foam - Tan

Chris's Clearance Category - red Game Indian Cock Cape

Chris's Clearance Category - Burnt Orange Rabbit

Waddington Shanks - Waddington Shanks Size 4 25mm

Patriot Grub/Buzzer K4AY - Patriot Grub/Buzzer K4AY Size 14

Chris's Clearance Category - Drennan Carbon Lure Size 6

Lathkill Dyed Indian Cock Capes - Kingfisher Blue

Chris's Clearance Category - Small Stoat Tail

31180 All Purpose Light - Size 14 Pack of 50

TMC 113 BLH - TMC 113 BLH Size 16

TMC 212Y - TMC 212Y Size 17

Chris's Clearance Category - Orvis Thin Skin

Roman Moser Power Silk 10/0 - Olive

Chris's Clearance Category - Veniards Flo Red Wool

Vices - Griffin Odyssey Spider

Vices - Griffin Montana Mongoose Vice

Jungle Cock Capes - Jungle Cock Cape No. 3

Chris's Clearance Category - Yellow Rabbit patch

TMC 2499 SPBL - TMC 2499 SPBL Size 12


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