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Body Materials
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Capes & Hackles
Chenille, Braid, Dubbed Body,Body Yarn,Chadwick's 477 sub.
     Antron Body Wool
     Chadwicks 477 Substitute
     Egg Yarn
     Flybox Chenille
     Fox Fire Yarn
     Micro Cactus Chenille
Chris's Clearance Category
Dubbing furs, Winging hair, Winging Yarn & Unibobbers
Eyes, Cones, Beads, Tungsten Heads & Backs
Feathers, Classic & Salmon
Finishes And Treatments
Fishing Accessories
Hooks,Tubes And Shanks
Lead, Wires, Mylar & Tinsel
Leaders, Loops and Lines
Legs, Tails,Marabou,CDC and Biots
Saltwater, Pike, Boobies, Foam And Winging Material

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Home : Chenille, Braid, Dubbed Body,Body Yarn,Chadwick's 477 sub. :

Egg Yarn (35)
Chenille (188)
Wool (24)
Braid (39)
Antron Body Wool (22)
Chadwicks 477 Substitute (1)
Micro Cactus Chenille (13)
Fox Fire Yarn (2)
Flybox Chenille (85)

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Lathkill Indian Cock Capes - Honey Badger Dyed Greenwell

Back In Stock

Chris's Clearance Category - Brown Thin skin

Chris's Clearance Category - cactus Chenille Large flo Pink

Thin Fly Foam - Tan

Chris's Clearance Category - Burnt Orange Rabbit

Micro Thin Foam - Olive

Hare Mask - Black

Patriot Grub/Buzzer K4AY - Patriot Grub/Buzzer K4AY Size 14

Roman Moser Power Silk 10/0 - Black

Fulling Mill World Class Fluorocarbon - 4 Lbs 0.18 mm dia.

Jungle Cock Capes - Jungle Cock Cape No. 10

B100 - Kamasan B100 Size 10 Pack Of 100

31180 All Purpose Light - Size 12 Pack of 50

Bobbin Holders - Tiemco Heavy Duty Ceramic Bobbin Holder

TMC 113 BLH - TMC 113 BLH Size 18

Vices - Anvil Apex Vice

Chris's Clearance Category - Partridge Salar Double Gold Size 5

Hare Mask - Natural

B100 - Kamasan B100 Size 12 Pack Of 100

31180 All Purpose Light - Size 14 Pack of 50

Chris's Clearance Category - Orvis Thin Skin

TMC 811S - TMC 811S Size 2/0

Chris's Clearance Category - Hareline Coq De Leon

Chris's Clearance Category - red Game Indian Cock Cape

Chris's Clearance Category - Drennan Carbon Lure Size 6

Vices - Griffin Odyssey Spider


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