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Lathkill Sedge Wing Burners more info...
Lathkill Sedge Wing Burners
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Price: 4.95
Quality set of 3 brass sedge wing burners.

Lathkill Stonefly Wing Burners more info...
Lathkill Stonefly Wing Burners
Price: 4.95
Set of 3 quality brass stonefly wing burners.

Veniard Loop Bobbin Threader more info...
Veniard Loop Bobbin Threader
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Price: 2.25
Use this handy tool to pull the thread through the feeder tube of your bobbin holder.

Lathkill Hackle Guard more info...
Lathkill Hackle Guard
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Price: 1.90
Use this tool to protect the hackle of your fly while varnishing the head.

Lathkill Tube Fly Attachment more info...
Lathkill Tube Fly Attachment
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Price: 8.50
Converts your vice into one that enables you to tye tube flys.

Veniard Large Hair Stacker more info...
Veniard Large Hair Stacker
Price: 8.70
Large hair stacker from Veniards Gold Tool Collection.

Lathkill Small Hair Stacker more info...
Lathkill Small Hair Stacker
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Price: 4.50
Lathkill's own polished brass small sized hairstacker.

Lathkill Material Clip more info...
Lathkill Material Clip
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Price: 0.90
Small clip that attaches to the stem of your vice letting you hold material out of the way.

Lathkill Material Spring more info...
Lathkill Material Spring
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Price: 0.90
A spring that attaches to your vice,allowing you to hold materials out of the way.

Lathkill Half Hitch Tool more info...
Lathkill Half Hitch Tool
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Price: 2.90
Half hitch tool.Set of 3.

Lathkill Dubbing Twister more info...
Lathkill Dubbing Twister
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Price: 3.50
The tool you need to create dubbing ropes.

Lathkill Turbo Dubbing Twister more info...
Lathkill Turbo Dubbing Twister
Price: 8.50
A dubbing twister with bearings in the head.

Rotary Fly Dryer more info...
Rotary Fly Dryer
Price: 25.00
Rotary fly dryer and rod wrapping jig.

Changeable Tip And Battery Cautery Burner more info...
Changeable Tip And Battery Cautery Burner
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Price: 24.95
Used for burning hair and feathers away.

Marc Petitjean Magic Tool more info...
Marc Petitjean Magic Tool
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Price: 29.95
Ideal for c.d.c. hackles,dubbing fur and synthetics.

Lathkill Medium Hair Stacker more info...
Lathkill Medium Hair Stacker
Price: 4.95
Lathkill's own polished brass medium sized hairstacker.

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