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Lathkill AA Vice more info...
Lathkill AA Vice
Price: 9.50
Economicaly priced,easy to use.The ideal beginners vice.

Lathkill Supreme Vice more info...
Lathkill Supreme Vice
Price: 14.95
Easy rotation of the hook and brass fittings make this vice excellent value for money.

Lathkill Regent Spring Vice
Price: 21.50
Spring loaded jaws mean you just squeese the lever,insert the hook and start tying.

Veniard Rotary Vice more info...
Veniard Rotary Vice
Price: 32.50
A well constructed vice with full rotary action.Finished in brass and stainless steel.Supplied complete with bobbin cradle.Great value for money.

Snowbee Waldron Vice with Pedestal Base more info...
Snowbee Waldron Vice with Pedestal Base
Price: 330.00
A precision engineered vice.Its silky smooth operation makes it a joy to use.(special order)

Snowbee Waldron Sight Board And Bobbin Cradle more info...
Snowbee Waldron Sight Board And Bobbin Cradle
Price: 65.00
An all in one sight board and bobbin cradle attachment for the Snowbee Waldron vice.(special order)

Snowbee Waldron Tube Fly Attachment more info...
Snowbee Waldron Tube Fly Attachment
Price: 60.00
A great way to convert the Waldron vice into a precision tube fly vice.(special order)

Fly-Mate Clamp Vice Standard more info...
Fly-Mate Clamp Vice Standard
Price: 40.00

Fly-Mate Clamp Vice Ball Joint
add to cart
Price: 44.00

Fly-Mate Pedestal Vice Standard
Price: 44.00

Fly-Mate Pedestal Vice Ball Joint
Price: 54.00

Griffin Tube Fly Vice
Price: 24.50
Simple,affordable tube vice from Griffin.

Griffin superior 3ARP Vice more info...
Griffin superior 3ARP Vice
add to cart
Price: 125.00
Combining all the features of the 2A with 360 degree rotation.Like all Griffin's vices this is a quality compact vice.

Griffin Montana Pro II Pedestal Vice more info...
Griffin Montana Pro II Pedestal Vice
add to cart
Price: 75.00
A great new vice from Griffin.A wonderfully simple cam operation.

Griffin Superior 2A Vice more info...
Griffin Superior 2A Vice
add to cart
Price: 55.00
This is a high quality vice.It will hold hooks from sizes 24 right up to 6/0.Simple,efficient and affordable.

Travel Vice more info...
Travel Vice
add to cart
Price: 17.50
Compact and light weight an economical travel vice.

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New products !

Extra Select Craft Fur - Dark Olive

Danvilles Flat Waxed Nylon 210 Denier - Flo. Blue No. 507

Seals Fur - Flo Yellow

Extra Select Craft Fur - Medium Olive

Back In Stock

TMC 200R - TMC 200R Size 14

Scissors - Tiemco Deer Dresser Scissors Flouride Black

TMC 2487 BL - TMC 2487 BL Size 14

Ripple Ice Fibre - Minnow Mix

Davy Wotton SLF - 10 Golden Olive

Rabbit Dub - Rusty Brown

Lagartun Large Flat - Silver

Lagartun Small Flat - Silver

B402 - Kamasan B402 Size 14 Pack Of 25

Danvilles Flymaster 6/0 - Red No. 56

TMC 2487 - TMC 2487 Size 18

Wax - Veniards Prepared Fly Tyers wax

Davy Wotton SLF - 22 Kingfisher Blue

1/8" Tiger Barred Rabbit Strips - Hot Pink Brown Barred Over Shrimp Pink

Daiichi D1160 Bronze Klinkhamer - Daiichi D1160 Bronze Klinkhamer Size 18

B175 - Kamasan B175 Size 10 Pack Of 25

Small Ultra Wire - Chartreuse

Polypropylene Floating Yarn - White

Wet Heavy Supreme G3A/L - Wet Heavy Supreme G3A/L Size 18

TMC 113 BLH - TMC 113 BLH Size 10

B110 - Kamasan B110 Size 12 Pack Of 100

Ripple Ice Fibre - Red

Hare's Ear Plus Dubbin - Natural Hares Ear

1/8" Tiger Barred Rabbit Strips - Black Barred Yellow/Hot orange

Ice Wing Fibre - Hot Orange (copper)


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