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This is a collection of end of line materials, equipment,rods and tools also items that may be damaged or have damaged packaging that I am selling off at a reduced price to make room for new stock. There is however only one of most of these items so please don't order more than one. Keep checking this category as new items will be added on a regular basis.

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Drennan Dropgape Lure Size 14 more info...
Drennan Dropgape Lure Size 14
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Price: 1.50
Drennan Dropgape Lure Size 14. Box of 20.

Partridge Salmon hooks more info...
Partridge Salmon hooks
Price: 3.00
Partridge doubles, singles and trebles. Sizes 10 trebles 9off,size 8 doubles 4off,size 6 singles 2 off.

Nickel Esmond Drury Trebles more info...
Nickel Esmond Drury Trebles
Price: 3.00
Esmon Drury Up Eye trebles. 4 X size 6.6 X size 8. 6 X size 12.

griffin Dubbing Twister more info...
griffin Dubbing Twister
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Price: 2.50
Griffin Dubbing twister.

Drennan Carbon Lure Size 6 more info...
Drennan Carbon Lure Size 6
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Price: 1.50
Drennan Carbon Lure size 6. Box of 20

African Mouse Deer Hair more info...
African Mouse Deer Hair
Price: 1.50
Piece of African Mouse deer hair.

Veniards Grey Polyprop more info...
Veniards Grey Polyprop
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Price: 1.00
Grey Polypropylene yarn.

Veniards Brown Polyprop more info...
Veniards Brown Polyprop
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Price: 1.00
Brown Polypropylene Yarn.

Drennan Emerger Hooks more info...
Drennan Emerger Hooks
Price: 1.50
Size 16 Drennan Emerger hooks. Box of 25.

Wapsi stick on eyes more info...
Wapsi stick on eyes
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Price: 1.00
Flat stick on eyes.3/8" Yellow Prism.

Indian Red Game Cock Cape more info...
Indian Red Game Cock Cape
Price: 2.00
One red game cock cape.

Drennan Carbon Nymph Size 6 more info...
Drennan Carbon Nymph Size 6
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Price: 1.50
Drennan carbon nymph Size 6. pack of 20.

Mustad 34011 Size 2/0 more info...
Mustad 34011 Size 2/0
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Price: 3.00
Mustad 34011 size 2/0. Pack of 22.

Shrimp Pink Thin Skin more info...
Shrimp Pink Thin Skin
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Price: 1.50
wapsi thin skin in shrimp pink.

Ginger Indian Cock Cape more info...
Ginger Indian Cock Cape
Price: 2.00
1 indian cock cape in a light red game/ ginger colour. Nice clean hackles.

Mixed Pack Of Bucktails more info...
Mixed Pack Of Bucktails
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Price: 5.00
mixed packs of assorted pieces of bucktail. Good value packs.

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New products !

Metallic coloured Tungsten Beads - 3mm Blue

Lathkill CDC - Golden Olive

Metallic coloured Tungsten Beads - 2.5mm Blue

Lathkill CDC - Blue Dun

Chris's Clearance Category - American Badger Skin Patch

Metallic coloured Tungsten Beads - 3.5mm Blue

Metallic coloured Tungsten Beads - 2mm Blue

Chris's Clearance Category - Eric Leiser Dubbing

Lathkill CDC - Olive

Back In Stock

Polar Bear Skin Patch - Yellow

Scud Back 1/8" - Clear

UTC Mirage - Medium - Opal

UNI Unithread 8/0 - Rust Brown

Holographic Ice - Silver

Metallic coloured Tungsten Beads - 3mm Hot Pink

Hot Tipped Crazy Legs - Black /Red Tipped

Foam Cylinders - 3/32" Dia. Foam Cylinders Orange

Antron Body Wool - Light Brown

Lathkill Indian Hen Capes - Grizzle

Bobbin Holders - Renzetti Standard Ruby Tip Bobbin Holder

Veevus 16/0 - Flo orange

Turkey Biot Quills - Blue Winged Olive

Snips - Tiemco Ceramic Leader clips

Ice Dub - Olive

Danvilles 4 Strand Rayon Floss - Red No. 56

Chris's Clearance Category - Drennan Carbon Lure Size 8

Metallic coloured Tungsten Beads - 2.5mm Green

Mcflylon Polypro - White

Chris's Clearance Category - griffin Dubbing Twister

Original Flashabou - Copper

Original Flashabou - Pearl Olive

UNI Unithread 8/0 - Chartruese

1/8" Two Toned Rabbit Zonker Strips - Yellow/Hot Orange

B175 - Kamasan B175 Size 12 Pack Of 100


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