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Chenille, Braid, Dubbed Body,Body Yarn,Chadwick's 477 sub.
Chris's Clearance Category
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This is a collection of end of line materials, equipment,rods and tools also items that may be damaged or have damaged packaging that I am selling off at a reduced price to make room for new stock. There is however only one of most of these items so please don't order more than one. Keep checking this category as new items will be added on a regular basis.

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Reel Egg Clusters more info...
Reel Egg Clusters
Price: 1.50
pack of 5 Hareline Reel Egg Clusters in orange roe colour.A squishy material for making realistic eggs.

Lureflash White chenille more info...
Lureflash White chenille
Price: 1.00
White chenille

Lureflash Medium silver tinsel
Price: 1.00
1 spool of Lureflash silver tinsel.

Umpqua new Dub more info...
Umpqua new Dub
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Price: 1.50
Umpqua new Dub in medium olive. similar to Easy Micro Dub Chenille. A fine dubbing rope for bodies on nymphs or detached bodies on palamino midges.

Wapsi micro ultra chenille more info...
Wapsi micro ultra chenille
Price: 0.50
partly sun damaged chartreuse micro ultra chenille

Lureflash Luminous Sheet more info...
Lureflash Luminous Sheet
Price: 1.00
4"X2" luminous sheet

Glo Brite Floss more info...
Glo Brite Floss
Price: 2.00
Four 25yd. spools of Glo Brite Floss.

Jan Siman dubbing brushes more info...
Jan Siman dubbing brushes
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Price: 1.50
Yellow Jan siman mega fibre dubbing brushes

Veniards Magic Glass lt. olive more info...
Veniards Magic Glass lt. olive
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Price: 0.50
One opened pack of Veniard lt. olive Magic Glass V Rib.

Wapsi stick on eyes
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Price: 1.00
Flat stick on eyes.1/4" Red. pack of 64

Fine pink holographic tinsel more info...
Fine pink holographic tinsel
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Price: 1.50
one spool of fine holographic tinsel in pink.

Lureflash Grey antron more info...
Lureflash Grey antron
Price: 1.00
One card of grey antron body wool.

Partridge Dubbing Twists more info...
Partridge Dubbing Twists
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Price: 1.50
Partridge Dubbing Twists in dark olive. pack of 6 dubbing brushes.

Pink And Orange Braid more info...
Pink And Orange Braid
Price: 1.50
2 small cards of pink and orange flat braid. 2mm wide.

Hareline Senyos Aqua veil more info...
Hareline Senyos Aqua veil
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Price: 1.50
Aqua veil in Grape Soda/purple. Straggle with 3/4" long fibres.

Lureflash dark tups dubbing brushes more info...
Lureflash dark tups dubbing brushes
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Price: 1.00
Pack of 5 dubbing brushes for nymphs. Dark tups/light orange natural fibre and trilobal fibres.

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New products !

Spirit River Lite-Brite - Holographic Silver

Lateral Scale - Opal Mirage 1/69" Wide

Jackdaw - Jackdaw Wings

Spirit River Lite-Brite - Neon Lime

Spirit River Lite-Brite - Pearl Blue

Spirit River Lite-Brite - Black

Spirit River Lite-Brite - Purple Haze

Spirit River Lite-Brite - Neon Orange

Spirit River Lite-Brite - Fire Fox Peacock

Spirit River Lite-Brite - Bronze Peacock

Back In Stock

Metz Grade 1 Hen Capes - Cream

Peacock Mottled Brown Wing Quills - Peacock Wing Quills 1st Quality

Hareline Mini Flat Fly Braid - Pearl

B175 - Kamasan B175 Size 10 Pack Of 100

Grizzly Marabou - Chartruese

Life Flex - Black

B175 - Kamasan B175 Size 10 Pack Of 50

Hareline Baitfish Emulator Flash - Red

UTC 70 Denier - Black

Pearsalls Gossamer Silk/Langley Superfine - Langley No 16 Shade Olive

Antron Body Wool - Cream (spooled)

Para Post Wing - Flo Orange

Micro Thin Foam - Olive

Pearsalls Gossamer Silk Special Colours - No 33 Jasper

Veniard Super Select CDC - Dark Dun

Life Flex - Orange

Lateral Scale - Dark Blue Pearl

Bucktails - Yellow

Varivas 2200BL-B - 2200BL-B Size 18

Pearsalls Gossamer Silk/Langley Superfine - Langley No 3 Shade Primrose

Davy Wotton SLF - 2 Green Highlander

A Jackson Steelhead Irons Black - Steelhead Irons Black size 7

Coq De Leon - Medium Speckled

Pearsalls Gossamer Silk/Langley Superfine - Langley No 94 Flo Lilac

Veevus 16/0 - Black


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