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TMC 403BLJ Home : Hooks,Tubes And Shanks : Tiemco : TMC 403BLJ :
Tiemco's quality is world renowned. At last a quality jig hook is available. The TMC403BLJ features a 60 degree bend at the eye and a needle sharp barbless point. The major benefit of this jig hook over the other brands currently available is that it is incredibly strong and very reliable. It will accomodate a slotted tungsten bead or if using the normal countersunk tungsten beads the size 12 will take 3.5mm. Size 14 will take 3mm. Size 16 will take 2.5mm Sizes 12 to 16. Flip top box of 20.

TMC 403BLJ Size 8
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Price: 5.65

TMC 403BLJ Size 10
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Price: 5.65

TMC 403BLJ Size 12
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Price: 5.65

TMC 403BLJ Size 14
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Price: 5.65

TMC 403BLJ Size 16
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Price: 5.65

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