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Capes & Hackles
Chenille, Braid, Dubbed Body,Body Yarn,Chadwick's 477 sub.
Chris's Clearance Category
Dubbing furs, Winging hair, Winging Yarn & Unibobbers
Eyes, Cones, Beads, Tungsten Heads & Backs
Feathers, Classic & Salmon
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     Danvilles 4 Strand Flourescent Nylon Floss
     Danvilles 4 Strand Rayon Floss
     Danvilles Flat Waxed Nylon 210 Denier
     Danvilles Flymaster 6/0
     Danvilles Flymaster Plus 210 Denier
     Danvilles Spider Web 16/0
     Glo-Brite Flourescent Floss
     Glo-Brite Multi Yarn
     Gordon Griffith Sheer Thread 14/0
     Gordon Griffiths Cobweb 6/0
     Kevlar Tying Thread
     Pearsalls Gossamer Silk Special Colours
     Pearsalls Gossamer Silk/Langley Superfine
     Pearsalls Marabou Floss
     Pearsalls Stout Thread
     Roman Moser 1x Power Silk
     Roman Moser 8/0x Power Silk
     Roman Moser Power Silk 10/0
     UNI Big Fly 3/0
     UNI Single Strand Floss
     UNI Unithread 6/0
     UNI Unithread 8/0
     UNI Unithread Trico 17/0
     UTC .004 Monofil
     UTC .006 Monofil
     UTC 140 Denier
     UTC 70 Denier
     UTC GSP 100 Denier
     Veevus 16/0
     Veevus 30 Denier GSP
     Veevus 8/0

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Home : Thread : Veevus 30 Denier GSP :
The worlds Strongest and thinnest thread. Close to 18/0 in size. 67% more thread than comparable products on the market.

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Price: 2.95

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