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Body Materials
Books, Films and Oliver Edwards Books And DVD's
Capes & Hackles
Chenille, Braid, Dubbed Body,Body Yarn,Chadwick's 477 sub.
     Antron Body Wool
     Chadwicks 477 Substitute
         Cactus Chenille - Large
         Cactus Chenille - Medium
         Hareline 1/4" Pseudo Herl
         Ice Chenille - Large
         Ice Chenille - Medium
         Ice Straggle Cactus Chenille-Extra Fine
         Ice Straggle Cactus Chenille-Standard
         Lathkill Fine Pearl Fritz
         Lathkill Standard Pearl Fritz Chenille
         Medium Ultra Chenille
         Micro Ultra Chenille
         Standard Ultra Chenille
         Turbo Translucent Blob Chenille
         UV Straggle Cactus Chenille-Extra Fine
         UV Straggle Cactus Chenille-Standard
         Veniard Easy Micro Dub
     Egg Yarn
     Flybox Chenille
     Fox Fire Yarn
     Micro Cactus Chenille
Chris's Clearance Category
Dubbing furs, Winging hair, Winging Yarn & Unibobbers
Eyes, Cones, Beads, Tungsten Heads & Backs
Feathers, Classic & Salmon
Finishes And Treatments
Fishing Accessories
Hooks,Tubes And Shanks
Lead, Wires, Mylar & Tinsel
Leaders, Loops and Lines
Legs, Tails,Marabou,CDC and Biots
Saltwater, Pike, Boobies, Foam And Winging Material

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Champagne White

Champagne White

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Jungle Cock Capes - Jungle Cock Cape No. 7

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Davy Wotton SLF - 12 Dark Claret

Lead Eyes - Medium - Lead

1/8" Tiger Barred Rabbit Strips - Olive Black Barred Over Lt. Olive

Holographic Flashabou - Rainbow

Varivas 2200BL-B - 2200BL-B Size 18

Pearsalls Gossamer Silk/Langley Superfine - Langley No 16 Shade Olive


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