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Body Materials
Books, Films and Oliver Edwards Books And DVD's
Capes & Hackles
Chenille, Braid, Dubbed Body,Body Yarn,Chadwick's 477 sub.
Chris's Clearance Category
Dubbing furs, Winging hair, Winging Yarn & Unibobbers
Eyes, Cones, Beads, Tungsten Heads & Backs
Feathers, Classic & Salmon
Finishes And Treatments
Fishing Accessories
Hooks,Tubes And Shanks
     Alec Jackson, Daiichi Salmon And Steelhead Hooks
     Charles Jardine Grayling/Bug Gold Hook
     Charles Jardine Grayling/Bug Red Hook
     Charles Jardine Nickel Streamer And Long Shank Nymph Hook
     Esmond Drury
     Fulling Mill Dry
     Fulling Mill Salmon And Sea Trout
     Fulling Mill Wet
     Kamasan Dry
     Kamasan Salmon And Sea Trout
     Kamasan Wet
     Lathkill Premium
     Little Fog Trebles
     Mustad Saltwater
         Partridge Dry
         Partridge Saltwater
         Partridge Sea Trout And Salmon
         Partridge Wet
             The Wet Capt. Hamilton YL2A
             Classic Spider L3AS
             Flashpoint Authentic Czech Nymph CZ
             Flashpoint Barbless Ideal Nymph BIN
             Flashpoint Big Mouth Nymph BMN
             Flashpoint Fine Wire Czech Nymph CZF
             Flashpoint HND Heavy Nymph Double
             Flashpoint IN Ideal Nymph
             Flashpoint Leaded Czech Nymph
             Grub/Shrimp YK4A
             Nymph YH1A
             Nymph Emerger K14ST
             Patriot Grub/Buzzer K4AY
             Wet Heavy Supreme G3A/L
     Tiemco Stainless
     Tubes,Tubing And Shanks
Lead, Wires, Mylar & Tinsel
Leaders, Loops and Lines
Legs, Tails,Marabou,CDC and Biots
Saltwater, Pike, Boobies, Foam And Winging Material

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Patriot Grub/Buzzer K4AY Home : Hooks,Tubes And Shanks : Partridge : Partridge Wet : Patriot Grub/Buzzer K4AY :

Patriot Grub/Buzzer K4AY Size 10

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Price: 3.99
Product code: 112-1555

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